Current liver research: detailed characterization of liver tumors using Magnetic Particle Imaging

16. August 2017

The detection and the characterization of small changes in liver tissue or liver tumors using imaging methods is an important tool in order to give a detailed clinical picture of the patients.
Scientists around Prof. Adam and PD Dr. Ittrich, heads of the CRC 841 subproject SP1, succeed to detect even small liver tumors in a preclinical setting with a diameter of 5 mm.

For these analyses the physicians used magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles as a contrast medium, that were phagocytosed by specialized liver macrophages (Kupffer cells) to detect non-phagocytosing liver tumors with MPI. For the first time worldwide tumorous lesions of the liver could be visualized by this new imaging method. However, lesions smaller than a diameter of 5 mm couldn’t be seen because of the low MPI resolution used in this study.


Dieckhoff J, Kaul MG, Mummert T, Jung C, Salamon J, Adam G, Knopp T, Ludwig F, Balceris C, Ittrich H

Magnetic Particle Imaging of liver tumors in small animal models
International Journal On Magnetic Particle Imaging, 2017;3

Further Information:

Here you can watch a Video about the interesting CRC 841 Project of Prof. Adam and PD Dr. Ittrich:

SP1 in 60 SecondsVideoarchiv

SP1 in 60 Seconds