C8 - IL-22 and IL-22BP in liver regeneration and carcinogenesis

C8_April 2014

Principal investigator:
Prof. Dr. med. Samuel Huber
I. Medizinische Klinik und Poliklinik
Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf
Martinistr. 52
20246 Hamburg
Tel.: +49-40-7410-57273
E-mail: shuber@uke.de

Participating stuff

Dr. rer. nat. Tanja Bedke – PostDoc
Sandra Wende – BTA
Mustafa Shiri – PhD student
Morsal Sahibi – PhD student

Project description
Interleukin 22 (IL-22) is a pleiotropic cytokine, which may have protective and pathogenic properties depending on the environment. It particularly plays a role during regeneration, infection, and carcinogenesis. Normally, IL-22 binds to the membrane-bound IL-22 receptor (IL-22r1) thereby exerting its activities. However, there is also a soluble IL-22 receptor, the IL-22 binding protein (IL-22BP), which binds and neutralizes IL-22.

IL-22 seems to play a protective role during liver regeneration. However, uncontrolled IL-22 activity might promote liver cancer.

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Our previous findings have shown that IL-22BP plays a crucial role in controlling the activity of IL-22 during wound healing and carcinogenesis. Now we aim to identify the cellular source of IL-22 and IL-22BP in the liver. Furthermore, we are interested in the pathways regulating IL-22 and IL-22BP production. Finally, we want to investigate the interaction between IL-22 and IL-22BP and how this controls liver regeneration and carcinogenesis.
Our long-term aim is to identify new therapeutic strategies that, on the one hand, promote liver regeneration and, on the other hand, inhibit liver carcinogenesis.